Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Your Party Doctor

Don't you think it is always good to keep yourself updated with the hot and new party updates and the things people usually do when they think of partying? Having said that, it’s always good for party animals and for the people those who want to give a break from work.

First of all, You must be selective about clubs or say your party places. Check your taste, the food you like, the ambiance you like and last but not the least your taste for liquor/wine you like matters a lot.
No one would like to go to a club which will serve you Royal stag after 3-4 drinks, knowing that you paid for Chivas. Yes, such clubs do exist. So Beware! Many of the clubs in Delhi NCR are making money this way. To know the nature of the club, has nothing to do solely with the ambiance, just go with the services and reviews.

Well sometimes it goes funny and sometimes it goes actually adventurous. Don’t worry guys, it doesn't need any hack, maybe you just need to change the way you plan. Your sudden plan makes it a mess if you are planning to party on a weekend. Calling up your friend to hit a bar at 6 pm on Saturday evening will put you in a mess for entry or you will be left with the last option to sit in some average or below average bar with bad ambiance and worst crowd. So, plan few hours before or a day before, reserve your table, best part is get early bird discount, capture your dancing area, and then enjoy your evening.  

Ever wondered why people avoid going to such bars? Not only because of the bad ambiance but majorly because of the bad crowd. You entered a bar with your girl thinking to spend some quality time (Well, there are such fun-loving couples who believe in spending a thrilling evening with their partner despite going for a boring candle light dinner at some place surrounded with old people) and came out either with swollen knuckles or sometimes swollen eye. LMAO!
Well, no doubt those places are also fun if you are planning for boy’s time and under your budget seeing your pockets (college guys, this one was for you)
So, talk of the town among young socialites!
Do your best, who knows you may get lucky enough to party out on Saturdays.
Girls who like going to clubs have many options and also free entries on selected days. Well, not just free entry but free drinks as well. I simply don't get this. We boys feel so left out when we read the board displaying “Girls Night”. Jokes apart!

I have came across many people who ask me questions like why these nicely maintained clubs have rules like “only couples allowed”  and “if you are organizing a corporate party then you must have equal ratio of girls or certain number of girls”. Well, the answer for this is they want to maintain a decorum. And just because of that decorum thing, more people will get attracted to their ambiance (which obviously includes the crowd). Nice crowd means there has to be good service, good service means good promotion and that means a good market with a damn huge client base. So it’s all connected. That is why i always ask everyone to check the reviews. And If from us you are missing the reviews, we will definitely come up with the reviews picking party venues/clubs/pubs one by one. Stay tuned!