Saturday, 4 March 2017

Lager VS Beer

We have discussed slightly about lager beer earlier. Here we will be discussing more about lager and will tell you how lager is different from all other beers. # Lager vs beer. 

I know That’s kinda weird, few of you must be thinking that lager is also a beer then how can we compare it with other beers but obviously there must be something which could make it different from other beers in the market. So let’s dig deep down inside lager’s skeleton and find out how is it different from other beers. And we will do it step by step.


Brief about lager:

The German word "Lager" means storeroom or warehouse .In other words Lager means stored. It is referred to the beers which are stored for a while.

You must have read in the last blog post – ThingsYou Might Want to Know about Beers; that lager is made with bottom fermented yeast. That means it is prepared in such a manner that yeast settles to the bottom and that is also a quality of this specific category of the yeast used to prepare lager beers. Lager beers can be found in pale, golden, amber, or in dark color.

What makes Lager unique?

It is because of the way it is prepared and the bottom settling yeast. Lager beer is conditioned at low temperatures normally at the brewery, this is why Fermentation happens more slowly and the beer becomes more stable, due to this slow fermentation process it is required to store this beer for a bit longer than other beers and the real taste of lager comes with that only.
That specific yeast we just talked about, used to prepare lager beer is named as ‘Saccharomyces pastorianus’. That’s quite tough to pronounce though but read it twice or thrice, twist your tongue little bit and you can win it.

Normally the fermentation of lager starts at 45-50 degree Fahrenheit and is taken up to 62 degree Fahrenheit. This is not a freezing temperature but yet known as cold fermentation process. The fermentation process takes more than 2 weeks and then they take out the remaining carbon dioxide to give it a flavor. Well, it doesn’t end here. The beer is then racked for about 3-4 days on little higher temperature than it is used in fermentation process and later they lower down the temperature day by day until it hits 35 degree Fahrenheit. The lagering is the process where you make the beer cleaner and clearer. I must say they do a lot to make you high…

If you want to make it stronger and tastier it is suggested to store the beer for some more time. Many of the beers are stored for years. Storing a beer for longer time won’t harm it. Beer is now ready to be served and to be enjoyed with your loved ones.


That’s not it... We have different categories of lager beer
  1. Pale lager 
  2. Amber lager 
  3. Bock 
  4. Dark lager 
  5. Specialty lager 

So now as you have better understanding on Lager vs Beer we will dig into above mentioned categories of lager beer in our upcoming articles.

Well, it was a mouthwatering article and i am going to hit the bar now…!