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Thursday, 23 March 2017


Talking about the beers and scotches and being so royal in our own worlds, how can we forget about “cigars”. It has its own importance for the people who are solely into it and don’t want any other stick to touch their lips and also for the people who believe in just being royal. Good Cigars are not easily available. Say it or not but cigars are meant for royal people. Sitting on an imported full grain leather couch and lighting the cigar with a zippo with expensive scotch on the table is something which we really dream of.

History of cigars:

Since 10th century inhabitants of islands of Caribbean Sea have been smoking cigars. That was the time when cigarettes were not even introduced. Also, later in 19th century cigar was very commonly smoked whereas cigarettes were rare. Its little hard to believe because in comparison to cigarettes, cigars are more complicated to make when it comes to the production. But in early 19th century cigar production came as a major industry which gave employment to a lot of people.

Cigar vs Cigarette:

There is a very thin and important difference between cigars and cigarettes. If we have to define cigars in a very simple language it is a roll of tobacco wrapped in a leaf of tobacco and that is the special part of cigars. Whereas, cigarettes are defined as the roll of tobacco wrapped in a paper. Hence, the quality of a cigar gets enhanced by tobacco leaves. Then later comes the multiple brands in the market depending upon the price and their quality.

Studying cigars:

For those who are so much in love with cigars and very particular about their type, it is very important to pick your choice Considering cigar’s length and its diameter.
Understanding cigars in little depth, cigar is divided in 5 parts In sequence
  1. Head
  2. Cigar Band
  3. Binder
  4. Wrapper
  5. Foot

The length of a cigar is measured in inches but the diameter is measured according to its ring gauge. Ring gauge is a unit of measurement divisible by 64 (ref: CI). Ring gauge system is bit confusing because it measures the diameter of cigar in units of 64. It is an outdated system to calculate the diameter. For easy understanding 64 units to be considered as 1 inch.

Shapes and categories:

Cigars majorly have 2 types of shapes, Parejos and figurados. These are spanish words. Parejos in english means parallel and figurados means figure.

Lighting Your Cigar:

Isn't this amazingly absurd that you even have to read and learn about how to light a cigar. Well, yes! It's not a cigarette afterall. Your way of lighting a cigar may spoil its real taste. We have talked about the parts of cigar above, root of a cigar is the important part when it comes to light one.  It is not easy to light your cigar with a normal match stick because it takes time for cigar’s root to heat up and catch fire. Experts don’t even suggest lighting your cigar with a gas lighter as butane present in gar also acts as a taste spoiler, you won't be able to have a real or actual taste of your aristocracy. So the best way to light up your cigar is with Cedar Strip, No chemicals, no sulfur, no butane. All natural. If you’re in an environment where using a cedar strip is possible, by all means, do so. It’s old fashioned, but really helps you enjoy and appreciate the entire process.

Light up the cedar strip and start your fire, Make the foot of your cigar hot, don't light it actually, If you have lit the foot properly, take three puffs/long draws, see if light is visible on the foot and if it doesn't, blow a little and you are all set to go.

Don't get sad if it doesn't lit properly because sometimes it depends on many parameters which includes moisture in cigar, it’s leaf  and sometimes tobacco as well.

Cutting cigar:

I always had a thought in my mind that why is it required to cut a cigar whereas cigarettes are not being treated so viciously. So it has a very basic reason behind it, and that is just to have a smooth opening for smoking without harming your cigar’s structure. Multiple types of cutters are available in market but to cut it like a pro you always need a stainless steel cutter.

                                                                         Image source - agapepress, cigarsatten